Outfitting Ismail

Every child goes through that tween/teenager search time in his or her life. Some hit these milestones sooner than others.  My third child, Ismail, was ten years old when he started. I was a little confused as to why he was the one hanging out in the "personality fitting room" of life, rather than his…

She Deserves More

(Photo credit: N. Mohamed-Fawzy) She's heartbroken and mourning the loss of love. The break-up was one that hurts but is better for her in the long run. He wasn't the one. He was nice enough and kind enough to her for a while. But he didn't choose to make her the one who makes him…


I was asked tonight by a college professor, "What do you write about?" and I said it was mostly garbage. I then back-pedaled and told him about the ten chapters of a novel I have written that has been in a drawer for the last five years because I am just "stuck" on one of…

Be Still My Heart

(Photo credit: Ro Burch Photography) Just one more day and my baby girl will be graduating high school. Where did the time go? I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately. I am so incredibly proud of her. She has worked hard and achieved so much. This sweet, intelligent, generous, strong, articulate, and beautiful girl…

Hot Child in the City

It's been hot. Like freakishly, blistering August humid hot since the first week of May. And I am melting into the furniture and changing clothes two and three times a day. And sleeping. There is a whole lot of sleeping happening around here. And I want to just drive to the beach but that's a…

Mmmmmmm! Burritos for Good.

WOOHOO!  It's "Chipotle-eve," people!  Oh, yes. I'm already dreaming about burritos the size of my head and how good they are in my belly.  That's right.  Our STARRY NIGHT PROM fundraiser at Chipotle is TOMORROW EVENING from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. See that flyer up there? ^^^  Download it to your phone or print…

White Privilege

So, like most Americans, I watched the videos flying around social media that show the arrest of two African-American men in a Philadelphia Starbucks for waiting on a third friend to show up before ordering.  And I was pissed for them and for their family and friends.  I was pissed that they had to force…

Kroger Plus Card Swipes for Starry Night Prom

Hey, Texas and Louisiana folk! Do you want to support STARRY NIGHT PROM in the easiest way possible? GO GROCERY SHOPPING AT KROGER!
No, really!

Re-posting this past blog that shows you exactly how you do it! Get great deals from Kroger and help donate to a worthy cause!
(Pssst! Kroger donates a percentage with each Kroger Plus card swipe. It won’t cost you anything.)

The Deep Down


Are you one of those people who truly LOVES inspirational stories and programs and organizations that want to help all of the people with all of the things but you just don’t want to buy anymore cookie dough or wrapping paper or write anymore checks?! Yeah. I’m one of those, too.
So how can you help support STARRY NIGHT PROM and stay true to your Introverted tendencies? It’s easy. Go grocery shopping.


Yes. You read that right. GO GROCERY SHOPPING. But not just anywhere. Go to KROGER.

Here are the exact directions as outlined in the email we received from Kroger:

Kroger Community Rewards – Customer Instructions

A Digital Account is needed in order to participate in Kroger Community Rewards. If you already have a Digital Account, then please skip to the section named ‘Selecting an Organization’.
How to Register a Digital Account
Creating a digital account is…

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Women I Admire

Today is International Women's Day, where we honor women who have made amazing contributions to the world.  Of course, we have the usual honorees, such as Frida Kahlo, Harriet Tubman, Marie Curie, Benazir Bhutto, Michelle Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, Hanan Ashrawi,  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mary McLeod Bethune, and so many, many, more. But I want to…

Conversations Inside My Head and Out

Daughter:  I can't believe that I'm going to graduate high school in only seventy-one days. Me:  WHAT?! InternalMe:  WHAT?! WHERE DID THE TIME GO?  I'VE LOOKED FORWARD TO THESE YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP AND SHOPPING AND HUGS AND COFFEE AND SHARED INTERESTS AND TV TOGETHER. HAS IT BEEN FOUR YEARS ALREADY?!  Daughter:  Yeah, I can't wait.  I…