Nikki Mohamed-Fawzy is an aspiring writer.  She is a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) to five (yes, you read that correctly F-I-V-E) grown-ass adults and has managed to stay sober since 1996. She is also Head Chauffeur, Head Chef, Executive Buyer, Unlicensed Practical Nurse, Referee, Chief Homework Assistant, Executive Secretary and Personal Assistant to Husband/Chief Breadwinner, Finder-of-all-Things-Lost, Head Laundress, and
basically the *M.F.W.I.C. of the Mohamed-Fawzy Estate.

She is passionate, funny, generous to a fault, helpful, and kind, all while dropping f-bombs at inappropriate times and trying like mad to win the Mother-of-the-Year Award (MOTY) and failing annually.

Nikki’s dream goals in life are to drop the 80 lbs she put on while pregnant with her oldest child 25 years ago and to be interviewed by Krys Boyd after raving over her literary genius if she could just get this damn novel published.

(*M.F.W.I.C. is a military acronym, pronounced Miff-Wick, and stands for Mo. Fo. What’s In Charge.)

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