I’m sorry. I know that it’s been months and months since I’ve written anything. And probably most of you who follow my blog (both of you,) are surprised that this is even popping up in your feed. You’d probably figured I fell off the planet or something.
Well, no such luck, people. I’m still here.

I’ve been working like crazy for the last eight months on an actual manuscript for an accidental novel. It started out as a journal to get those “what in the actual hell” moments regarding Covid-19 and the crazy surrounding it out of my head. Being that I’m too broke for a weekly appointment with a shrink, journaling was my only outlet. While discussing some of the points I’d annotated in my journal with my younger siblings, I mentioned that I may just turn this journal into a book. They both furiously encouraged this.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Understand that it’s feast or famine around here, yo. I can sit and pound out several chapters in the course of three or four hours some days. But then three of the family members came down with Covid and I had to take care of them. (WE were all vaccinated and they only had milder symptoms. No hospitalizations and no long-term effects, as best we can tell.) Then my husband decided to rip up the floor in the den and repair the foundation and replace the floors. Then Spring Break. And OH MY GOD! WILL THESE PEOPLE EVER GO BACK TO WORK AND UNIVERSITY SO THAT I CAN GET BACK TO MY CREATIVE OUTLET????!!!! (ahem. I digress.)

My working title as of now is F.F.S. but that could change. I’ll keep you apprised as to if/when I can get this bad boy published. Please consider buying it when it does. You won’t be disappointed.

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