So, I live in Texas. I live in the state where a medium coke comes in a 32-ounce cup, people flock to fields of wild bluebonnets growing up the side of the hill on Interstate Highway 35 with their obligatory, big Texan trucks parked on the shoulder with their hazard lights blinking so they can get their kids faces in the perfect pose surrounded by blue weeds, and where our (currently) Republican majority state legislature and governor decided to not put our electrical system on the national grid but to keep it on our own big Texan grid so that they could deregulate it and make money hand over fist (and in doing so contributed to the deaths of over 700 residents
when the ERCOT system couldn’t handle Ice-a-palooza that hit in February leaving MILLIONS of Texans with no power, heat, and even water for weeks! (I live in the state of run-on sentences.)

In another case of “hold-my-beer-itis,” the governor and his fellow elected idiots in the legislature, rescinded the mask mandates while only 50% of the residents have bothered to get their FREE vaccines, “opened up Texas fully,” including sporting events with no social distancing requirements, bars, restaurants, etc. They have almost pushed through a “Constitutional Carry” law which would allow anyone over 21 to carry a gun with no background checks, licensing, or classes on how to use it. Naturally, the Senate is adding some restrictions for convicted felons or anyone convicted of a terroristic threat or endangerment with a weapon, but how would that be enforced if there is no background checks?

The longer that Abbott, Patrick, and Paxton, along with their freak show cohorts, Gohmert, Tinderholt, and the like remain in office, the more fraud, waste, and abuse continues. While ERCOT admitted that they neglected to “winterize” those big ole wind turbines that SHOULD HAVE kept
us warm this winter, they have also admitted that they cannot handle the HEATWAVE we have been
enduring for the last 2 weeks, either. What the…WHAT?! The governor has stated that Texans should keep their air conditioning thermostats at 82 degrees F. Uhm, yeah…NO. And instead of using our tax dollars to FIX that shit, he’s decided to instead use our tax money to continue Trump’s ridiculous wall. I’m sure there is absolutely NO correlation to his decision being timed with a gubernatorial election next year, right?

I don’t know what all of this craziness means. But at the end of the day, I will continue wearing my mask in public and trying to use the ceiling fans more with the a/c thermostat set to 74. (82? Let my perimenopausal sisters sing it from the back: NOOOOOO!) And also, back the f**k up at the grocery store, Karen. These overworked people at Kroger did not place these big blue stickers on the floor 6 feet apart just so that you and your snot-nosed kids could ignore them and get too close to me.
Because I’m a Texan, too, and as soon as that constitutional carry law is passed, I’ma need you to stay 6 feet back so you don’t end up 6 feet under.

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