I am at the optometrist’s office. It’s the fancy-pants office. They have expensive carpet and a flagstone accent wall behind the mounted tv that is tuned to the Food Network. Finally! Medical professionals who know that food makes more people happy than the usual CNN vs FOX wars.

Anyway, I have a freckle on my retina. My regular optometrist is great but he doesn’t have the high-tech camera to photograph my retina like the fancy-pants office has. Apparently, this bad boy could potentially grow and cause blindness, so a photograph for baseline is necessary. Then we can track the latest episode of “Aging Ain’t for the Weak!”

I’m in the exam room now, pupils dilated. Fun, fun, fun. I am so happy. Both my optometrist and her assistant were young women! I usually have to endure older male optometrists with stale jokes, gruffly barked orders to sit forward, don’t blink, etc. (My regular doctor is not included with this description.)

Anyway, today the optometrist realuzed that the retinal scans that the assistant took would not be clear enough for my regular doctor to use as a baseline. She had the assistant call me back from the checkout area to take them again. I am glad that I did not have to make another appointment for re-scans.

So, yeah. This is my boring blog-post of “my trip to the eye doctor.” Not really “eye-opening.” But I did have a talk with myself in the car though. I could lose my vision to diabetes. My diabetes is not as bad as some. If I commit to making the necessary changes in my diet and move again, I can control whether or not I continue to gave diabetes. Perhaps the fancy-pants office has put the fear of God in me to take control of my health and make the needed changes. Perhaps I have the motivation I need to get off the couch again. I will.

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