So, someone I love dearly has been manipulated for a couple of years by a woman who he is attracted to. She has broken his heart and hurt his feelings more times than I can count. A few months ago, just as he was about to give her a birthday gift he had purchased weeks in advance, she informed him, “I don’t think we should be friends anymore.” And just like that, he was crushed again.

When he told me about it, he was starting to step into the fifth stage of grief, acceptance. Then that heifer got upset that he was ignoring her and not pining after her. She started getting jealous when he would talk to other women at work. She actually had the audacity to tell him, “You are making me feel shitty like my ex-husband did when he brought his girlfriend into my house.” When he told me about this, I set him straight. I think I even saw a lightbulb go on in his head so I’m going to share it here with everyone who reads this blog:
If someone is living his best life and you start to feel some kind of way watching him live it?
Yeah, those feelings are yours and yours alone. Your feelings are NONE OF HIS BUSINESS.

And that’s the truth. We can blame others for how we feel. We can say all day long that so-and-so “is making me feel” (fill in the blank.) But if we’re being honest, no one has the power to make you feel anything. Your feelings are yours. Deal with them. If you don’t like how you feel when you’re around some person, then avoid them. Stay away from them. You can’t blame others when you continue to avoid looking for your own happy.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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