The year 2020 has been the longest four years of my life. We’ve had to deal with the CORONA-19 virus and over 330,000 deaths it has caused in the United State (over 1.4 million worldwide,) the politicization of said virus, continued killing of African-American citizens by police, the politicization of this very real and dangerous threat to our brethren of color, the recognition of “Karens” stirring the shit-pot of managerial and police reports, and yet another white homegrown terrorist who blew up downtown Nashville but he’ll only be labeled as insane because of his lack of melanin and the fact that he comes from Christian lineage. We’ve got people signing up for assistance in paying bills, rent, etc., due to inability to work because of COVID-19. The conspiracy theorists are so excited that they’re confusing themselves. One would think that it has been an absolutely horrific year. In some ways, that is true.

But for me, that is only part of the truth. The rest of it has been good in so many ways. I celebrated one year cancer-free in June. We paid off some really big bills and got yet another step closer to being worth NOTHING. (Dude, I have goals to just no longer being in the red. Being in the black would be nice but breaking even is a far more realistic goal for me.) A person very close to me finally asked for and accepted help with some issues that have been brutal for many years. I lost 12 pounds and have managed to keep them off. (Here’s to the remaining fifty.) And most importantly: AMERICA SPOKE AND DONALD TRUMP WAS VOTED OUT OF OFFICE.

2020 was not my favorite year. But it was not as bad as 2016.

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