Swirls of light and dark trap my brain like the nightgown wrapped around my legs from turning over so frequently during my fitful sleep. My mouth is so dry that my tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth in an almost painful way. My eyes are so dry that I fear blinking will cause my cornea to crack. My head is throbbing in the back as though I am hungover though I haven’t had a drink in well over 22 years. I guess it’s dehydration. I was always dehydrated the day after a drinking binge. I carefully untie my legs from the tangled mess that is my nightgown and put my feet on the floor. Once I find my slippers, I duck walk to the bathroom hurriedly to make sure I don’t pee on the floor. Stupid aging. It’s not for sissies. I brush my teeth and perform my morning ablutions before praying. I suck down two full glasses of water, hoping to hydrate and ease this rotten headache. My belly is full but my tear ducts are still clogged. I give up and pour coffee. Mornings are quiet and good.

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