So I completed my radiation therapy a week ago tomorrow. Thank God. I didn’t think my skin could handle much more. I have been piling on the silver sulfadiazine creme to help the burn heal faster and to alleviate the pain. It’s starting to peel now, like a bad sunburn from wearing only the right half of my bikini top.

I got to ring the bell when I left the radiation clinic last week. It was great. They are a great bunch of people over there. And while I won’t miss driving out to downtown Fort Worth every single weekday morning in rush hour traffic for a 10 minute zapping session, I will miss seeing the nurses and technicians there. They are amazing people who are truly invested in seeing their patients beat this bitch we call cancer.

So now that chemo and radiation are through, I still have to complete the Herseptin treatments (once ever 3 weeks until April) and I take a pill every day for the next 5 years to kill off my estrogen. I should have a handlebar mustache by the end of February.

The important thing is that we’ll be improving my chances of it not coming back. I think dropping it from like 28% chance of recurrence to 4%. So it’s an exhausting means to an end. And I’m okay with that. We caught it early. We handled it. And we are giving me what I need to keep living my best life.

Get your mammograms, people. Get your PAP smears. Get a colonoscopy. No, none of them are comfortable. But they sure do help with early detection. ❤

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