I have fallen into a rut it. Or so it would seem. I haven’t written anything in well over a month. I wish that I could say it was because I’ve been busy with NaNoWriMo and that I’m almost finished with my novel. That would be an outright lie. (Although I did start working on my  novel again at the inspiration of NaNoWriMo. But life, as usual, got in the way and by life, I mean that all of the carpooling, ten tons of laundry, and umpteen open houses and real estate showings kept me away from my computer.

Yeah, I know that WordPress will let me blog via email. But anyone who has ever had the pleasure of texting with me can tell you that I am a nightmare of typos and skipped letters on my phone. I must edit EVERY single Facebook comment or post at least 6 times before finally getting mad and deleting whatever was causing my grammarian eyeball to twitch.

I have been enjoying the lazy daze. NOT a typo. My “days” are far from lazy. I enjoy the “lazy daze” of falling into a good book and just reading until my timer goes off to let me know that I need to take dinner out of the oven or go pick up my son from wrestling practice. Sometimes my “lazy daze” involves playing Words With Friends until I’ve caught up on all 14 game boards that I have open and I play the lightening rounds. I did delete the other two games that I was playing on my phone. They made me a little anxious and I decided that I had enough anxiety in my life and deleted them both from my phone.

Perhaps I will get back to blogging every couple of days again. I would like this. I feel that I am still a writer when I actually sit and write. But until I have something more than just laundry reports and political ranting (there’s more of that on the internet than is necessary,) then I will just continue to save up the stories in my head until I am ready to post something that is worth reading. You’re welcome.


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