2015 May Monsoon Arlington(Photo credit: N. Mohamed-Fawzy)

She’s heartbroken and mourning the loss of love. The break-up was one that hurts but is better for her in the long run. He wasn’t the one. He was nice enough and kind enough to her for a while. But he didn’t choose to make her the one who makes him happy. He allowed someone else to make his choice for him. And that just tells her that he finds her to be “not enough.” Hopefully, she knows that that simply is not true. Hopefully, she knows that what it really means is that HE is not enough for her. She deserves to be loved unconditionally, completely, and without end. She deserves to have a man who will hold her, love her, laugh with her, cry with her, comfort her, joke with her, hold her hand while they watch t.v. together.  And if she mentions how much she loves the moon, he should want to get it for her. And she should never be made to feel second to anyone on his list of important people.

She deserves more.

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