Seven-twenty in the morning us the only time I can make the appointment.  Fortunately,  no one else wants an appointment that early.  So here I sit in the exam room,  waiting for my doctor to come fuss at me for not getting my labs done and not losing weight like she told me to three months ago.  Yes,  she will fuss at me.  She cares about her patients and she genuinely likes me.  And she knows that heart disease runs in my family and that I am doing very little to get my cholesterol under control.  I don’t like this whole disappointing people thing… I should feel worse about disappointing myself by not only not meeting my goals but not even firmly setting them in the first place.  She’ s going to tell me that my family cannot drink from an empty cup and other bumper stickeresque things to push me to makes the proper health choices. I hate bumper stickers.

I will do what I need to do…  Starting today.

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