The last thing thing he said to me was, “Don’t forget to get that bill in the mailbox before the mailman shows up.” I nodded my head and locked the door behind him. I came into my room and turned on the computer while grabbing my purse so that I could write the check out. Then I heard the brakes squeal on the mailman’s jeep in front of our mailbox at the street. The road to hell………

Anyway, so I knew there was no chance I could find the bill and scrawl out a check and, for the love of peanut butter, find the stamps in 30 seconds before he drove down to the next driveway. So I threw on a jacket and moseyed out to the mail box to see what additional bills had shown up. If I’m gonna be writing checks out, I may as well do them all at once. Right?

And so I pulled out the personalized coupons from my favorite grocery store and the usual bills and reminders about upcoming dental appointments…and then I saw the lovely word AIRMAIL scrawled out in my favorite Scottish chicken-scratch!

Of course, I immediately recognized my friend’s handwriting even though I haven’t seen it in probably 20 years! But the return stamp from Glasgow Mail Center proved my memory true and I ripped open the envelope. Apparently, Paula has taken up card-making. THIS was what she’d made for me, with love and sent from across the ocean:


Naturally, the colors are far lovelier in reality as I snapped this in front of the window in my room with my camera phone. But it’s a beautiful card and I loved reading all her news. And my day is just a little cheerier on this cold but sunny day.

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