I had huge plans today, mostly involving sitting here taking care of a mountain of paperwork and then blogging something truly amazing about life, Spring Break, and the fabulousness that is I….but all of that was overtaken by events caused by one of my larger early-onset senior moments.

I couldn’t remember the password to my outlook.com email which I needed in order to register my product key for the new software I just purchased last month. And you know, I’m busy as hell. SO eventually I got around to resetting the password so that I could finally register the product. And I must have been super impatient yesterday because I reset the damn thing so many times that they just blocked the email account and told me that I had to create a new one.

Well, poop. I’d already linked the product key to THAT email and I just didn’t know what to do. So, I created a new email account and then when I couldn’t link the product up with that email, I did what every normal idiot does, and I contacted the online tech guy to help. Only he was a bigger idiot than me and ended up convincing me that he needed to access my computer remotely (yes, I’m 100% certain that I contacted the REAL website) and then when he screwed the pooch and I basically called him on it, I watched the jackass go into my C: drive and quickly screw with stuff and then restart my computer remotely.

When my computer came back up, I no longer had permission to turn my firewall back on, had no access to internet via wireless OR ethernet, AND I no longer had administrative access in order to restore my computer to the state it was in a week ago. So….it took no fewer than 5 helpdesk  phone calls and 4 different dudes and disconnections until FINALLY I got the right person (read: WOMAN) to not disconnect my call and actually talk me through the correct steps in order to restore my computer, reconnect my internet access, turn on my firewall AND she hunted down the issue with the new software and guess what the problem was…I was using the wrong email account all along.

Apparently, I’m an asshole and I spent 5 hours on the phone fixing a computer issue that should never have been. *sigh*

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