I had a doctors appointment today. I like my doctor. She’s soft spoken and has warm hands and a lovely smile. She’s very kind and patient. Today she stared me down and said to me straight out, “You’ve got some decisions to make.”

Apparently, Carb-ageddon has kicked the crap out of my usually fantastic numbers. Okay, so the scale numbers are always yuck and the cholesterol has always been kind of high. But my sugar levels have always been great and my heart’s always been in good condition and my blood pressure low – low enough to win at limbo low. So today when I went in for my check up and to discuss the labs I had done last month, I’m now about 100 lbs overweight (I knew this already,) my cholesterol is terrible, and I’m pre-diabetic and about to step across the line into shitty full-on type II diabetes. My blood pressure was still low. At least my heart still likes me.

So, I am going to give up my love of grapefruit now and start taking my damn cholesterol medication. She said I can always come off of it if I can lose the weight and bring my¬†levels down. I’m meeting friends at the park tomorrow morning to restart my walking mission of 1,000 miles that I quit doing back when I came down with bronchitis in November. We’re going to walk as fast and as far as we can while running our mouths about our lives as moms and wives and we’re going to get all those endorphins and benefits of natural antidepressant without all the side effects of Prozac.

I have to do this. I’m not happy. I’m not as healthy as I once was. I’m hurting all the time and I’m not sleeping which is just putting this whole weight gain and depression thing on a semi-permanent loop. My doctor is right. I’ve got some decisions to make. And I’m pretty sure that I’ve already made them. I can’t take care of my family if I can’t take care of me. So, that Carb-ageddon thing? It’s about to meet Health-pocalypse.

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