Taste in music can tell you a lot about a person. I had a friend years ago who was in the Army. He used to roll his eyes at my love of pop music and “candy-ass” dance tunes and country music. We argued about the definition of the word “eclectic” all the time. He swore I had  no taste at all and vowed to teach me about true music and I preached about musical snobbery. The cool thing about our friendship was that we learned so much from our extremes.

Tony had some sort of connection with concert tickets. I still have no idea how he scored so many awesome tickets for us. We saw The Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, The Lemonheads, and several others. We took my little sister to Lollapalooza II in Virginia and danced in the mosh pit with Eddie Vedder, who had been left behind at a gas station when the tour bus pulled out while he was using the bathroom. (He hitch-hiked to the concert.) We got to hear Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Ice Cube, and so many others. By the time the headlining Red Hot Chili Peppers hit the stage they were so drunk that they sucked. We left after the second song because we barely recognized the songs. They became known to us as the Luke Warm Silly Peckers for a long time after that.

Now I’m in my 40s and my kids are teens. I love that my nearly 15-year old can sing 80s tunes with me in the kitchen while we cook together. I asked him about my taste in music having influenced him yesterday. He said he loves 80s music because it actually IS music. “Come on, Mom,” he said. “Is the ‘Watch Me Whip, Now Watch Me Nae Nae’ crap of today really music?” I just hugged him. I love him. My autistic 19-yr old jams to AC/DC and all I have to do is say, “Show me your horns.”  She raises her forefinger and pinkie on each hand and starts banging her head to “Back in Black.” (But she’s also a huge fan of Michael Jackson and Katy Perry. Go figure.)

I still love 90s Alternative music. But it hasn’t changed my love for country music or Black Sabbath or Aerosmith or Evanescence or Eminem or any of the old school Rap from years ago. I still love the Clash and Husker Du and Adam Ant as much as I love Blondie, Bryan Adams, Rhianna, Dr Dre, and yes, Taylor Swift. I love classical music, opera, anything by George Strait, Prince, and Kelly Clarkson. There are only a few genres or artists that I refuse to listen to. Yanni, Zamfir and his magic (f’ing) pan flute, Hardcore gangsta rap, and Nickelback all leave me wanting to scratch my ears from my own head and toss them into a river. Is that an extreme reaction? Probably. But like I said, I’m pretty passionate about music.



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