Ever have one of those pay periods where you manage to get ALL the monthly bills paid, mortgage paid, groceries purchased, etc and you’re worth pretty much zero and all is right in the world because you aren’t in the red? Yeah, I was actually riding that high all week long. I even put a little padding into our account for after the autodraft for the mortgage comes out that I could still get the “uh-oh, we ran outtas” until this Friday when we get paid again. Guess what. I didn’t make it until Friday.

Wow. When Netflix asks for updated credit card information and you don’t have that whole $8 in your account but will by later tonight? DON’T UPDATE THE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. Just go without binge-watching “Hell on Wheels” until tomorrow because I can tell you without a doubt that your account will be overdrawn within 20 minutes of clicking on UPDATE. Thankfully, I found $20 worth of change in the pockets of dirty jeans in the laundry, under the sofa cushions and between the front seats of my car. I zoomed over there and deposited it before noon (withdrawal time) so we don’t get hit with overdraft fees. Pshew! That was close.

And now we’re back to being worth zero. It’s cool. There are worse things to be.

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