I’m probably the least organized person on the planet. I file things horizontally….on my desk….and chair….and table….and floor…and bookcase….and sometimes even IN the drawers. If I don’t see the bills, then they don’t get paid. Imagine how difficult “paperless billing” is when I forget to check my email. *sigh* And now it’s shopping day and I’m digging all the coupons out of the bottom of my purse and attempting to be organized by pulling out all of the expired ones and sending the ones that I never use to a friend in Arizona who uses the ones that I don’t. (Check your mailbox in about 4 days, Pattie.)

And if I could just get this organization thing down, I could probably stretch $600 worth of groceries for our family of 7 for an entire month. I’m good usually for about 2.5 weeks with that amount….not counting staples. I buy all the rice and sugar and flour and salt wholesale in huge 50 lb bags and those will last a couple of months or more. (Truth: I bought a 25 lb bag of salt at a warehouse store back in January and I’m still not even halfway through it. Only cost me $3.40.) But that’s the stuff that’s easy.

When you have 5 kids ages 14-20 and three are boys all over 6 ft and still growing you tend to run out of the milk, bread, cheese, eggs, cereal, lunch meat, fruit, and snack stuff fast. I am so grateful that they are good eaters. While they like chips and junk food, they kill off the bananas, apples, pears, raisins, prunes, oranges, and plums faster than I can get them into the house. We’re sandwich eaters. And those in the health-food know can say all they want about sandwich bread….but I am buying the cheap stuff because we go through 2 loaves of the 88 cent wheat bread a day. (They’re all tall and thin and have metabolisms to beat the band.)

SO…where was I? Ahh, yes. The coupon thing. I’m clipping and attempting to organize them…at least inside an envelope according to the set up of our supermarket so that I don’t forget to use them today. The sheer number of expired coupons tossed in a pile on the floor right now is incredible. And the majority of them and old receipts were pulled from the bottom of my purse and probably were contributors to the bursitis in my left shoulder. Another friend suggested that she and I take an “Extreme Couponing” class from someone she knows. I’m tempted. But I’m afraid.

I’m afraid that my horizontal filing system is going to become an even larger fire hazard and my homeowner’s insurance will increase and that’s where all my monies saved from couponing will end up and I’ll never be able to remodel my kitchen. Perhaps I’ll just keep doing it the way I have been. At least now I can still see the fire extinguisher from here.

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