So, obviously, I’m not as young as I used to be. But how does your mind not know that which your body is so quick to tell you?

In my 30’s, I was able to move furniture, roll up and then beat out large area rugs, scrub them and hang them out to dry, scrub down walls, mop floors and put all the furniture back in its place, shower and make dinner, all between the hours of 9 and 6. I attempted to do that on Saturday (skipping the rugs because I cleaned those last month) and I managed to get only one room completed. I’m still exhausted two days later and I think I’ve met my match in the Me v. Dust competition.

I know. Who cares? Just do  little at a time. It’s no big deal. Right? Wrong. I came to the realization years ago that I’m just not  great housekeeper. I mean, I do okay and we’re not living in filth and squalor. But I make up for the fact that we have dust bunnies (read: dust buffaloes) by being an amazing cook who is very good at delegating the tasks she hates to those rotten teenagers that she is raising. But when I want deep clean of a particular room I’m going to have to do it myself and I swear, it’s taking 3 and 4 days to recover any more.

When we age, our minds like to convince us that we’re just wiser and not at all limited at 46 than we were at 26. I am raising the bullshit flag at my mind while giving the one-finger salute. Yes, I’m wiser now than I was at 26. However, I’m ignoring that brain of mine that’s trying to convince me that the creaking I’m hearing is from the floorboards of my 55 year old house when I know damn well that it’s really coming from my old-ass knees and ankles. You know that adage “It’s just like riding a bicycle?” Uhm, it’s not. You may mentally remember how to do a cartwheel, clean an entire 1400 square feet thoroughly, and run 12 errands spread across 99.98 square miles in 3 hours time…..but your body will laugh and laugh and laugh at how naive your mind can be. It is NOT just like riding a bicycle. Maybe a Rascal…but not a bicycle.

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