Today, I had our cave-man internet status upgraded to one more acceptable for the year 2015.Can you say speedy-quick?
Not before my search on Google comes back, I’ll bet. My husband and all 3 of the boys are in the backyard sweating out all of their electrolytes, as I type this, building what EVERY American family needs in their backyard:  A basketball court.
(You thought I was going to say swimming pool, didn’t you? HA! THAT would make too much sense in 96 F heat.)

My husband bought a portable basketball hoop last week for the kids. Our youngest is 14 and over 6 feet and he LOVES to play but doesn’t get to often because I won’t let him climb the fence into the elementary school by our house to play on their court. So they decided to make a slightly smaller than half-court sized court in the backyard and they’re out there digging up grass and pouring concrete and basically, keeping the number of gigabytes of internet used on our newly installed broadband fairly low. (I love these DIY projects that force them to go outside in the fresh air.)

I decided that I was going to see how long it would take me to walk 1000 miles and started yesterday. I’m not winning any marathons at my current 19.25 miles/hr pace, but then again, I’m faster than I was sitting on the couch. Right? I walked 1.7 miles yesterday and 2.01 today. And I’ve decided this is something I should try to do alone instead of bringing pesky teenagers along for company. I’m pretty sure my pace would have been faster by at least 2 mph or perhaps only 3 stops to say, “QUIT COMPLAINING AND GO HOME!”  At any rate, with or without them, I’m doing this for me. Just to see how long it will take me. Meh. What else have I got to do?

OH….That would be have a yard sale. I’m planning to do just that. Maybe tomorrow. Why not? If I don’t figure out a way to hock some of this crap building up on our back porch, my husband is going to haul it away somewhere and then how could I make a few bucks to sock away for a much-needed, years-overdue girls night out with my sister and pals? SOOO, selling this stuff.

Galaxy BlueAlso, we finally ripped out the wall-to-wall carpet from the boys’ room and were not at all surprised to find an unfinished concrete floor. We had multiple discussions about whether it would be tiled or covered in linoleum or those hardwood laminate pieces. After a month of the “going nowhere” campaign, I went and bought a gallon of concrete paint. The 14 yr old decided he wanted a deep galaxy/midnight blue. The 16 yr old painted 2 coats on and then added a sealant. VOILA! MUCH better and it only cost us about $48 total. I figure next month we can have them paint the walls a pale, pale blue and give the whole room a very stylish and MALE look. (You know, as if the tacky dogs shooting pool painting doesn’t do that already.)

Anyway, my next DIY project will be DINNER. Must go out and find us some Chinese food so we can all eat and have enough energy to complete our tasks. It’s hot. It’s crazy. It’s a DIY-kinda summer.

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