The scholastic year is coming to an end and I am trying to spread as much positive feedback as I can to the people who have made a difference in our family. With that goal in mind, I’m going to send out a great big post of THANK YOUs for all the world who stumbles across this blog to see. That whole “it takes a village” thing? It’s true. It really does.

To the AISD bus drivers:  Thank you for waking up before all of us and making the trip into the motor pool  everyday, regardless of the rain, snow, suffocating humidity, heat, more rain, ice, more rain, snow, HOLY CRAP! THE SOLES OF MY SHOES MELTED IT’S SO STINKIN’ HOT, and/or how little time you had to slam back coffee. Your attention to speed limits, stop signs, traffic lights, crosswalks, school zones, and road construction remains high, all while you’ve got one eye on the rear view mirror to keep tabs on the 65+ teenagers you’re hauling to and from school. Talk about your multi-tasking. Wow. And still you greet my kid with a “good morning” and a smile each day. You are the first ones out and the last ones in each day.  THANK YOU.

To the AISD Janitorial and Grounds Staff:  Thank you for sweeping, buffing the tiles, emptying the trash, wiping down windows and door handles, and cleaning the restrooms of all of our schools each day. Thank you for keeping the grass cut, trees pruned, leaves raked, sidewalks swept and flowerbeds weeded. Our schools are beautiful and clean because of your hard work and attention to detail. I cannot imagine our schools without your service. You and your work IS appreciated. THANK YOU.

To the AISD Security Officers:  Thank you for your security checks and ensuring that all visitors to our schools are registered. Thank you for enforcing the student and faculty/staff ID badge policy. These steps are vital to the safety of our students, and all employees. Thank you for assisting in the safety of our participants and audiences at every play, choral or musical or dance recital, sporting event, meeting, rally, open house, or study session on weekends, week nights, and even during the summer. Thank you for every broken up fight, hall pass evader caught, high five given, every smile shared. THANK YOU.

To the AISD Cafeteria Staff:  Thank you for your daily efforts to provide our students with healthy, hot meals, with wholesome foods and in a clean environment within a short period of time. No one can say that your job is easy. I have trouble keeping just 5 teenagers fed each day. You all feed THOUSANDS every single day. THANK  YOU.

To the Teachers, TA’s, Nurses, Diagnosticians, Social Workers, Accountants, Clerks, Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Counselors, Family Representatives, Registrars, Substitutes, Coaches, Administrators and other Faculty Members and Staff:  Thank you for all that you provide our students. Education is always important. And of course, we thank you for that. But also thank you for the encouraging word, smiles, understanding and support, guidance, listening, and discipline that you provided along the way. Positive feedback and constructive criticism are appreciated. THANK YOU.

You people are my village that help me raise my children. I don’t know each and every one of you personally but I know that you are there and that your interaction with my child helps shape the person he is and who he will become. I appreciate you and your kindness.  So I’m trying to do the same because the fruit of kindness sown is kindness reaped. So let’s sprinkle those seeds everywhere and see if we can get kindness to spread like wild flowers all around us.

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