Hamo Randa Starry Night Prom 2015Here’s a photo from the Starry Night Prom 2015. My son escorted his sister again this year…at his request. In fact, he skipped his own prom that night to attend hers. He told me that he loved how these kids are so accepting of each other and applaud with sincerity when the King and Queen are announced and that there is no backbiting and no pretentiousness. (I know it looks like he is grimacing in the photo. It’s a “Chandler” thing. He just cannot relax and smile when a camera appears. He really DID have a good time that night.)
My daughter just beamed. I was having a hella-hard time trying to set that tiara on her head in a way that it would not puncture her veil and still be comfortable with her noise-canceling headphones…..In fact, I gave up. Not Randa. She took it out of my hands and shoved it under the scarf and rocked that LaToya Jackson headband style all night long. And she looked beautiful.
Randa Starry Night Prom 2015I love this girl. She danced with her brother and with her girlfriends from school….complete with air guitar alongside the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo in the middle of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” (Just like last year.)
Starry Night Prom Raffle ItemsThese are just a few of the prizes we raffled off that night. BIG shout out to our sponsors:  Chick-fil-A, Arlington ELKS Lodge #2114, Amber Inman Photography, the IMPROV, Party Soundz by Ernie, Visual Impact T-shirts and More, Pam Windish: In Memory of Michael “Wild Thing” Windish, Jeanette “Mimi” Patterson, Insurance Women of the Metroplex, Holiday Inn Express, University of Texas at Arlington, Jordan Minyard, DDS, Inc, Steiner Education Group, Brian McGaw at McGaw Automotive, The Rolston Family, Thai Basil Leaf on Park Row Drive, Sigma Phi Lambda, The Parks Mall at Arlington, Jim Leary, The Paradiso Family, The Lawson Family, and Paul Mitchell the School at Arlington and so many, many more.
Starry Night Prom 2015 SWAG BAGSFrom the monetary donations to the raffle items donated to the SWAG backpack stuffers, our sponsors showed us so much love and support that they are a part of our tribe…..the village that it takes to raise our kids.

***All photos above are copyrighted property of Nikki Mohamed-Fawzy and Sara Mayo and used with permission.

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