This has been one really crazy couple of weeks. I’ve been busy helping with the Starry Night Prom arrangements. It’s volunteer work that I so passionately believe in. But dude! It’s exhausting.

Yesterday I was up at 5:40 and off to the races. Between the regular schtuff that I do on a daily basis to get teenagers and a husband off to school and work, respectively, I also was up to my armpits in emails, phone calls, ordering balloons, shopping for Prom King crowns, arranging for a tiara drop off, picking up my daughter early from school, running errands, and failing like a boss to get dinner on the stove even before 7pm. I vaguely remember shouting out orders to the teens when I walked in the door at 6:30 and ran to the bedroom to change.

“You! Get the dishes done….NOW….no arguments!”

“You! Vacuum the living room and the den….and NO! You may not have a snack first.”

“You! Thank you for pulling meat out of the freezer to thaw today. Now, go clean the bathrooms.”

“You….get back in here! You are going to work on eliminating that mountain of laundry.”

I came out of my room and answered a phone call that I had to take outside (better reception for my really crappy cell phone service.) I came back in the house at 6:50 p.m. Dishes were still stacked. Rugs looked dirtier. While I didn’t check the bathrooms, I figured they were still just as gross as before I requested the cleaning as the one to whom that chore was delegated was showing the laundry assignee stupid vines on my husband’s laptop.

So I yelled. I’m very good at that. And no heads rolled….but a lot of eyes did.

And the dishes and vacuuming got done pretty quickly. One bathroom got cleaned. Thanks, boys. My daughter, however, washed ONE. LOAD. OF. CLOTHES.

And now I’m stuck wearing super hero pajama pants and waiting for my jeans to dry because I had to wash them myself this morning in order to not have to wear said pajama pants out in public. super hero pants
Guess my kids aren’t the only ones who need to learn how to better use time and scheduling. (Note to
Self:  We’re out of dryer sheets.)

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