The clean underwear on your butts and in your drawers…
The groceries that are in the refrigerator and in the pantry…
The vacuumed rugs, the made beds, the filled gas tanks, the sorted mail, the clean
dishes and the paid up bills…


Nine times out of ten, these tasks are completed by your mom, either directly OR by
delegation of authority.

So how about you all remember that she NEVER gets a day off. Nope, not even when
the family goes on a vacation. In fact, vacations usually triple her laundry, driving and
sorting workload. And then walk up and just hug her, or say thank you…..or even just,
“Yes, ma’am” and then do whatever the hell she asks of you without argument, explanation
of why you think you shouldn’t have to, or any eye rolling.

Because you know what? Without your mom, you wouldn’t be here.

One thought on “Moms Are Not Robots

  1. So much yes to this! Sometimes I want to go on strike, and I have but it just makes sooo much more work for me in the end. This job is not an easy one, albeit most of the time worth it.


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