Okay, so my kids finally went back to school yesterday and because I actually have a bit of time (a whopping 1.3 hours) during the day to focus on ME, as opposed to THEM, I have decided that I will start my renewed commitment to a healthier me TODAY. It’s not really a “New Year resolution,” but I guess it is.

I have committed to returning to weekly meetings and weigh-ins at Weight Watchers. I have committed to making healthy food choices for the rest of my life. I have committed to a 90-day “Get Healthy” challenge by my amazing friend, Theresa (whose blog you can follow right here!) I actually had to (*gulp*) make my starting point a reality and share with her what my beginning weight and measurements are. OH THE HUMANITY!!!! ((Really???? My thigh is NOW what my waist once was when I thought I was fat????!!   *sigh*  It’s just a number. It’s just a number. It’s just a number……Yeah, I’m okay. Thanks for the paper bag to breathe in……Where was I?  Oh, right.))

So, my apologies. My hyper-ventilating went on for the remainder of the day yesterday so I’m finishing this up on the 9th. Whatever. We’ll blame my long line of procrastinating, “always-late-for-everything-so-don’t-expect-your-Valentines-before-Thanksgiving” family heritage. Again, I digress.

So I took my measurements and weight and posted them (in a secret place to make it real but not so real that the whole world will be watching my progress and giving me nervous bladder and forever-clenched butt cheeks.) Last night, I made a large pot of Sexy Egyptian Lentils and a big tossed salad with toasted Arabic bread. Everyone ate heartily and EVEN my picky 13 yr old who opted to have ramen noodles instead still decided that healthy is important and added chopped green onions and celery to the pot while putting the water on to boil. YAY. I had my last soda yesterday (diet…I know, not any healthier, but still lower in calories) and I’m committing to drinking vats of water daily. I have stocked up on fruity green and herbal teas so that when I want something a little different than lime-infused water, I can toss a raspberry or blueberry tea bag into the bottom of my 32 ounce souvenir Rangers baseball cup, fill it with water and ice and let it cold-brew for about 5 minutes before having a nice, cool, zero calorie flavored water!! No need for sugar substitutes.

I am going back to the basics that I learned back in the 90’s when I got suckered into calling the number at the bottom of that info-mercial with the crazy, nearly bald blonde chick with the amazing body where she tells you in order to lose weight you must eat because our bodies need fuel in order to burn fat and calories. She was right about that. I’ve since learned from a variety of places that SLEEP helps in weight loss, too. It’s not just about food and portion sizes and exercise. Our bodies heal/recover faster, grow, replenish when we sleep. It IS an important factor. So I’m committing to turning off the screens (tv/computer/digital book) at least 30 minutes before bed so that my mind will relax and I’ll sleep well. And I’m committing to going to sleep NO LATER THAN 11 p.m.  This will hopefully give me at least 6 hours of sleep each night (not counting the minimum one trip to the bathroom because I’ve now entered the “middle ages of night time Olympics” phase of my life.) I don’t see how that will be anything less than a benefit for the entire family because my attention span will be slightly longer than a fruit fly on crystal meth AND I may be less prone to long, grumpy speeches in the morning when I’m asked where the backpack is and why I haven’t washed someone’s favorite hoodie five minutes before the school bus shows up.

Yes, it is the time of year when people are busy attempting to live up to their New Year resolutions. I’m jumping on the bandwagon, I guess. BUT I want to drive it this time and not just sit close to the tailgate and fall off at the first bump like I usually do. I want to see if I’m still in control of this healthy drive this time next year.

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