Saturday is considered a weekend in most households across America…unless you’re Mom. Along with the cute nickname comes added responsibilities which include, but are not limited to, shuffling kids to sporting events, grocery shopping, returning overdue library books found under the couch after vacuuming for the first time in six weeks (someone fixed the drive belt-STOP JUDGING!) and making a run to the drive-thru credit union to deposit a check before the mortgage is collected. 

All of these tasks can usually be completed without a boost of that delicious, steamy, brown liquid that brightens my day:  COFFEE! It’s true. I can complete all those tasks though admittedly with a few mistakes along the way. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had to contact the librarian at the desk to give back her bills that she mistakenly dropped in the return-book slot in a fit of confusion. (But probably the only one who has had to contact the post office to have overdue library books removed from the outgoing mail slot.) 

Life is just so much easier with coffee. I get a kick-start in the brain (and bowels) and its fragrance and rich taste are just added bonuses. I proudly stumble to the coffee pot each morning like a zombie in search of its morning brains snack. The second cup is usually achieved while actually lifting my feet from the floor while walking, vice the shuffling used pre-caffeine.

Today, however, was NOT one of those days. One of my rotten teenagers left a dirty cup half full of water on the counter in front of the coffee pot last night. I poured about 10 ounces of coffee from the carafe into that damn cup before realizing that this was not my prepared mug sitting a scant 6 inches to the left of it.  


Heads will roll.

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