Today we celebrate Fathers Day and how important they are to us. As a girl, I needed my dad for probably different reasons than my brother did. I needed to have that unconditional love from a man who only had my best interests at heart. I got to be the reason he was proud, the reason he was happy and sometimes the reason that he went crazy nuts angry. (Yeah, I wasn’t the golden child in our family and the high school years were a bit hard on him. Sorry, Dad.) 

He was hard on me when it came to studying, dress codes, boys, studying, working hard, studying, athletics, and did I mention studying? I am grateful for all of it. He taught me how to change the oil on my car and how to change a tire. He taught me how to save money and balance a check book. He taught me to value the opinion of my parents and siblings and marry those up with the opinion of God, according to our faith. He taught me to ignore the opinions of the rest of the world when it came to my core beliefs and values and thanks to the military way of life, he taught me to learn and know rules and regulations. (You never know when that knowledge will come in handy.) 

Thanks to the lessons and love that my dad gave me growing up, I chose the most amazing man to be the father of my children. My husband is an awesome dad. He has all the things my dad had to offer but in a totally different way. His way is a gentler and more patient way than my dad’s was, but with the same goals in mind. And since our kids are getting the same ways of my father through me, it sort of balances out at the end of the day. I look at these two fantastic men and see that I couldn’t ask for more in the fatherhood department. 

Happy Fathers Day.

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