I’m starting to get control-freaky again. I’m planning to take the kids out to visit my dad and relatives out west and my husband has to work. So since he is the kind of guy who has a speedy metabolism and somehow over the course of our marriage, has managed to take MY metabolism away from me and use it as well, I have decided to cook a bunch of meals and leave them in the freezer for him to just heat and eat. 

He thinks I’m insane. Well, he thinks I’m being MORE insane than usual. “I work at a store that has a restaurant in it! I will just eat there every day. You shouldn’t worry yourself over this.”

I respond with, “You’ll weigh 14 kilos by the time I get back because that is a really crappy restaurant and you’ll end up with diarrhea.”
I think I actually HEARD his eye roll. 

“Thank you, Sweetie.”

Am I wrong here? I LOVE this guy. I don’t want him to be eating spicy, restaurant food of questionable expiry dates. I want him to eat well while I’m gone and know that I’m here in spirit with each bite of stewed okra and and beef in tomato sauce or mousaka that he tastes. 


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