It’s nearly the end of May and I feel like now that I have finally found my rhythm the schedule is about to change. I guess all mothers feel this way. And while I’m looking forward to sleeping in, family vacations (road trips with 5 teens?! What am I? Nuts?) and maxing out on the season pass at 6 Flags, I’m also a bit depressed that I will be missing the “just me” time. 

I realize that a lot of people find this a selfish sort of thought…but I do not. SAHMs need down time just like every other “career” person. You hear about “career military” and “career businesspeople.” But no one considers that SAHMs are “career parents.” Yeah….some days it TOTALLY is a job. Now I am not at all saying that I am unhappy with being a SAHM. Far from it…..however, if a doctor, data entry person, garbage man, plumber, actress, lawyer, senator had to work 24/7/365 without EVER having a day off…..the unemployment rate would skyrocket and across all economic lines. One could argue that a senator is a senator 24/ 7/365 (at least while he or she manages to continue to be reelected.) However, they get time off for holidays. SAHMs do not. We get to double up on our work during the holidays. (Extra laundry, re-balancing the already balanced bank book because the kids  home from school decide to make double-decker sandwiches and hold contests to see who can eat the most in the least amount of time, have water fights in the backyard (increasing the water bill directly (hose) and indirectly (laundry), and the extra impulse  purchases at the supermarket with the increased begging for chips, candy, ice cream and cereals that have more fiber in the box itself than what is contained inside. 

I enjoy my kids being home for the summer…..but I, too, would love to have a day off…..the ability to clock out…….to not be laughed at when I threaten to submit my resignation and find a better job. 

Oooooooooooooo….job. Maybe I can line up jobs for all of them and have a summer off, too.

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