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This is me as it relates to my keeping up with my blog since I’ve been back in the U.S.  And I don’t mean to be all “Oh, I’m so, so terribly busy with all my busyness and stuff,” as though other SAHM’s aren’t just as busy or possibly busier than I am.  I’m not that self-absorbed.

But honestly, this has been the roughest adjustment period after a move….EVER. Randa is still not out of her mandatory “we moved again”depression and it’s been 2 months. 
Remember the expression, “It’s Africa hot?” Well, damn if Texas isn’t Africa-hotter. I haven’t the energy to get out of bed in the morning…which, less face it, is forced energy anyway having 5 teenagers all at the same time.  But good grief, you can just feel your sweat glands breathing heavily and telling your brain in the morning, “Aw, come on! We’re exhausted already! Leave us be.”
We’re also fasting from dawn until sunset for the month of Ramadan right now. Yes, it is earlier than last year.  It’s actually about 10 days earlier EVERY year as the Islamic calendar (Hijri calendar) is lunar-based as opposed to the Gregorian calendar (you know, the “regular one.”) And while not eating really isn’t that big a deal for us, and after the first day or two, neither is the getting started without that morning caffeine boost.  But going without water until 8:30 at night in 104 degree F heat is definitely a challenge. And it really does take a lot out of you.  So there’s that….
AND trying to figure out how to enroll kids into what schools and with no documentation because the Egyptian Ministry of Education refused to release their transcripts to me because I’m not their father has been frustrating to say the least.  I may actually have this figured out now that I’ve made 9,006 telephone calls, sent 439 emails, and put 417 additional miles on my husband’s Honda driving around scouting out schools in our area that aren’t classified as “bad.”
I am excited about our new house and would really like to get started fixing things that need fixing and gardening and decorating and putting a big chunk of those awesome “For the Home” and “DIY projects” items that I’ve squirreled away on Pinterest to good use.  But damn….it’s Africa Hotter and who in the hell has the time? Once these kids get back in school (God willing, I’m able to enroll them,) I’m going to do at least one hour of gardening per day, one Pinterest project per week, and one chapter per day on my novel that is currently collecting dust in the back burners of this laptop. 
Rest assured. You, my whopping 3 fans, have not been forgotten.

2 thoughts on “What a SLUG!

  1. lol hugs to you. I have to say when my 5 kids were little I should have all ways set the alarm. In summer also so not to sleep past 8hrs. Will wear you down if you do. I should have forced myself to like coffee. The American kind or European but not Arabic kind. Yes I have tasted it) ugh. 😉 turn the air conditioner on and have your kids help around the house. Kids will be happier as soon as they connect with new friends in Texas.
    Best wishes decorating and with your new house.

    Enjoy a fun wonderful week.
    oh and if it helps with your daughter, I have a friend who has both a swing and a trampoline for daughter with autism. They say both are a huge benefit for her. Plus they use an all natural diet for her and certain vitamins and say they can see a change in her. Don't know if you've tried any.


  2. Thank you for your suggestions. We do have a park nearby where she will swing for hours if I let her. I'm currently thinking about a trampoline and digging a hole in the backyard to sink it into (like I saw on Pinterest) so that there is no need for a huge net.


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