Is there something genetically linked in male  DNA that rears its head in puberty that causes boys to drip water all over the bathroom with no ability to dry it up?

Does someone pull them aside in middle school and whisper to them, “While you will still use every clean towel in the closet after your shower and leave them wadded up throughout the house, from now on you will also be required to step onto the bare floor NEXT to the bathmat and  shake violently like a wet dog to ensure that there is more water on the walls, floor, mirror, counter, and ceiling than ever hit the bath tub during your 98 minute shower while the rest of the family was  hopping outside the door in dire need of a  pee.”

Thankfully I noticed it BEFORE I slipped and broke my neck. That is all.

One thought on “Just A Question

  1. Ha ha.. It is part of the DNA somethings might skip if your lucky. My son is an adult now. Thank goodness he always closed the toliet seats when he was done. Might be cause he had a house full of sisters. And thankfully he always pee'd in the toliet not around. lol but he does have alot of the other stuff.


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