My sister, MJ, has 2 kids who are loud and hilarious and smart and gorgeous. They, too, inherited the smart ass gene that my kids inherited. We traded kids the other day while my brother was in town. Molly had gotten wrapped up in a game on the laptop and MJ and Lloyd (my brother) volunteered to pick up some stuff at the supermarket for me. My two youngest decided that it was “their turn” to go with whomever was leaving the house.

Molly could not have been more disinterested in going with her mom. She continued playing her game. I tidied up the kitchen and hung some laundry and was about to start making dinner when my husband called and asked me to come pick him up from work.

So I got dressed and started looking for the two older boys to tell them that they’d be in charge of keeping an eye on their young cousin. Hamo was praying. I couldn’t find Ismail anywhere. I checked each room, closet, back and front yards. NOTHING. Randa was asleep in her room. I was worried that Molly would realize she was sitting in the den by herself and get scared without her mom or me or her uncle or any of her older cousins around. So I asked her where Ismail was.

   “He went out the back gate.”

“I just checked the backyard and I didn’t see him. The back gate was locked.”

    “I don’t know. I saw him go out the back gate.”

I went back to the front yard and yelled out his name. Cue crickets. I returned to the den as I plopped onto the couch to get my socks on.

“Molly, I cannot seem to find Ismail anywhere and I HAVE to go pick up your Uncle Mohamed from work. Poor man is probably hungry after working all day.”


“I am going to kill Ismail. I looked everywhere and can’t find him.”

     “You’re going to kill him?”

“That’s right. In fact, I may kick him until he’s dead. What do you think about THAT?”

    (*sigh*)  “Aunt Nik, that kind of gore and violence is completely inappropriate for someone my age. I mean, I’m not even a decade yet.”

(forcing the dead pan/parent face) “Did anyone ask you to watch? But you’ve got a point. That would be pretty violent. Maybe I could just smother him with a pillow when he gets home.”

     “It wouldn’t be as hard to clean up afterward.”

Apparently, I am NOT the only one in the family raising a bunch of smart alecs.

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