I wish that I could say that due to my usual productive busyness that I have neglected to keep up with my blog. If I did say that, I could be struck by lightening for telling lies and it would probably ruin the apartment and it’s a rental and I wouldn’t get my security deposit back when we finally move from here. So lying is sort of inconvenient.

Anywho, I finally noticed “Holy Crap! I haven’t written anything since mid-February and it’s nearing mid-March. How the hell did that  happen?” So I then I thought…..WRITE.

But write what?

Maybe I should bore you to death like I am now…..Nah. I’ll just tell you the truth.

I turned into a slug. I have been staying up late watching television. Not really awesome television, either. Nope. Two nights ago, I stayed up and watched “Logan’s Run” and it was lame. But I watched it. And then overslept and Aiman missed school in the morning. And all last week, I stayed up to watch two back-to-back episodes of Cougar Town. Really?! COUGAR TOWN????? And each time I watched it, I’d oversleep and he would be late for school or miss it entirely. (But it’s a really funny show and I don’t own a
DVR!!!) Oh, man. I’m pathetic.

I did NOT stay up and watch TV last night. But Randa came in my room and turned the fan on high and the window was open and I couldn’t get out of bed this morning because I had a stiff back. So it wasn’t my fault.
But the long and the short of it is this:  I haven’t been overly busy with anything new or exciting or literary at all. I’ve only been busy playing catch up doing all the stuff I would ordinarily be doing in the morning if I wasn’t such a sitcom addicted loser. I’ve enrolled in a 12-step program and I’ll start tomorrow.

That is all.

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