“I want my turn on the computer! I want my turn on the computer!”

     “What? Are you 6? Obviously I’M taking a turn on the computer. Just wait.”

“I can’t wait. It’s my turn. It’s my turn. Come on! It’s my day off!!!!”

     “So when exactly is MY day off? Hmmmm?”

“You have 5 days off a week while we’re all at school.”

     “You seriously think that?”

“Well, yeah. You get to use the computer all day, every day while we’re at school.”

     “Who the hell do you think takes you there, takes you home, buys the food, cooks the food, cleans the house, etc?”

“Well, you do. But come on, Mom. It’s my weekend. Now let me have my turn before one of the boys steals it from me.”

     “I swore I’d never wish this on you like my mother wished it on me. But:  I HOPE YOU HAVE FIVE KIDS JUST LIKE YOU!”

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