While stroking myself (my ego! Get your mind out of the gutter!) today, I was reviewing my blog stats and found that MY blog is the number two to pop up on Google when you search on the following string:

          “stress induced gas”

This will not come as a surprise to my siblings, parents, husband or children. (Probably, it won’t surprise my neighbor as my computer is situated next to the paper-thin front door of our apartment where I tend to be late at night when the world is quieter and the day’s dose of teenage angst tends to fly out of me at a rather loud and, dare I say, noxious way.

But still….”Yay. I’m famous!” (sort of.)

And again, Becca, thank you for sticking that phrase into my head back when I was having my heart work ups last year. I was convinced that I was having angina attacks. You opined it was gas. You won. (My neighbor lost.) 

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