Well, I don’t have any idea what we’re going to have for dinner today but I have been instructed that coleslaw is definitely going to be a side dish since my son  bought a small cabbage and sent it home to me today. *sigh*

So I’m guessing that ‘fend for yourselves’ day has been pushed back on my calendar. I don’t mind cooking. In fact, I downright enjoy it most days. The trouble is with that dreaded question each morning, “WHAT am I going to make today?” If I ask my husband, the answer is always the same, “Anything.” And I always complain, “But we had ‘anything’ yesterday. Can’t you just TELL me what you want to eat????” Nope. Never can.

If I ask the kids it’s usually something elaborate and time-consuming that I just don’t have the energy to make (stuffed cabbage leaves…Pffffft! Uh, NO) or they’ll ask for the exact same thing they had the day before….usually involving a lot of  pasta which leaves me sluggish and ready for a good night’s sleep around 5:30pm.

So I am usually left to peruse the Pinterest boards (yay!) and drool over all the delicious looking meals on there that call for ingredients I don’t have or cannot acquire here in Egypt (boo!) and then I look at the clock and realize “Damn! That 5  hours sure went by fast…..looks like salad, cheese and felafel sandwiches again.”
But today we’re going to have coleslaw…because Ismail decided. And because I actually have mayonnaise in the house today.  (I’d make my own but have no eggs.)  I’d leave that as the sole item on the menu but it’s such a tiny head of cabbage that I’d be forced to send one of the kids down to the felafel stand again.

I’m grateful that we are a big time vegetable eating family. I don’t have the usual problems getting veggies into my kids as a lot of mothers do. (Randa being the exception.) I think we have a kilo of green beans in the fridge so we’ll have to clean those and make them next to the coleslaw. But I am pretty sure we’ll have to have something in the form of meat next to that. They won’t buy into an entirely vegetarian meal today. (We had vegetarian  pizza yesterday.)

Okay. THIS is by far THE most boring  post ever. I’ve nothing left to say so I’ll end it here and perhaps post something REAL a bit later as the creativity bug bites.

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