I felt like a failure….again.

I committed to writing everyday and failed to do it.

Maybe it was my own fault. I should NEVER have announced to these rotten kids what I was doing; the fact that I was committed to writing every day.  This just caused an immediate fist fight, screaming match or need to find something RIGHT NOW the second that I parked my but in this seat and turned on the computer.

That combined with the mother of all sinus infections that left me bedridden for three days left me feeling overwhelmed and depressed and so I quit. I know. Big quitter. Yup, that’s me.

The good news is this:  I can still finish my book. I don’t have to announce to the adolescent world around me that I am writing again. I can just do it and keep it a secret. Let them all think I’m just playing Spider Solitaire or something. Then they won’t care or interrupt me. Because no one ever talks to the mom when she’s bored enough to just be playing cards, right?

One day. I’ll get there. But for now, I’m still struggling. 

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