I took a ton of  photos on my digital camera of the boy and his brothers and sisters before he left for the U.S. to live with his father. And apparently my purse is not a safe  hiding  place for my camera anymore. Randa found it, reviewed the photos, and then DELETED EVERY SINGLE ONE before I could download them onto the computer.


So, I will have to wait for him to download the ones I took with HIS camera once he settle into his new digs with his father. I am missing him a lot. But I’m also strangely comforted by the fact that his father’s mood should go nowhere but up now that he’s got his son with him. (He gets depressed when he’s working abroad because he’s so far away from us.) Also, I think that the two of them may develop a much closer relationship since they have to rely on each other now. This is good.

But I still miss him and it is going to take me some time to remember to only buy 4 packages of cookies when I’m on my way home from running errands instead of 5. But I guess that’s okay. I know that this is what our family needs for now. And so I’ll continue, begrudgingly at first. Acceptance is sometimes hard for us moms. 

One thought on “It’s Official…He’s Out of the Nest

  1. oh wow. This is SOO hard!!! I feel for you and totally understand how you must be feeling . And the pics getting deleted!! AAAAH!! I have had this happen to me and it sent me through the roof. You're doing great. Holding yourself together and getting through. I totally admire you!!


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