So, I’m minding my own business, catching up on the photos of my friends and their kids, what they had to eat for dinner and where and scratching my head over those cryptic passive-aggressive status updates, like “People who think they know my business should totally stay out of my head and stop acting like they know…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!” when I got a notification from one of my BFFF’s (Oh, yeah, I DO know there’s an extra F in there and if you know ME then you know it’s not a mistake.) So I clicked on my own timeline and this is what I found:

And I laughed for about ten minutes with tears coming out of my eyes. And then I went about my business and every time I came back to this photo I’d crack up all over again. And so it went for like 5 days. I know I’ve read all over the place about the Ermahgerd! girl supposedly being a real hottie now that she doesn’t wear Wal*Mart vests and read Goosebumps! books. I guess losing the ponytails and braces would immediately increase anyone’s hot factor by about 4 points.

Actually, I know that I’m a dork. (That’s “Ercterler, I kner thert Erm a derk,” in Ermahgerd-speak.) It doesn’t take that much to make me laugh. And the Ermahgerd-girl has done it! She has poked me in the funny bone repeatedly. Not all of these meme’s have the same effect on me…but damn, if Buffy and I are not trying to one-up each other by posting these on each other’s timelines. And it never fails. We always manage to catch one another off guard.

I have also discovered that someone else has even MORE time on his/her hands than I do, because this person actually sat down and wrote out an Ermahgerd! translator program. NO REALLY! So that if you want to create your own Ermahgerd! meme and are unsure of spelling, you can go ——-> HERE and type in your phrase and hit enter and it translates for you automatically on the right. Only downside is that you can’t go from ermahgerd back to English.

Is there a reason for me telling you all about this:  NERT RERLER….but it seemed like a good idea at the time I started writing it. And maybe it’s funnier in my head….like the sound of the word canoodle (especially when said in ermahgerd:  CERNERDL ahhahahahahahhaha!) But like I said…Erm a derk.

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