SAHMs are constant list-writers, for the most part. We have lists of things to do, things to buy, whose turn it is to do the dishes and who is grounded from computer and for how long.  Sometimes my life is so jam-packed with activity, responsibility, items we’ve run out of, that I have to include things that ordinary people never forget, like eating or pooping. Yes. My to-do list will actually have -go poop written on it most days.
I’ve given up adding the more decadent activities to my to-do list.  I now write “shave legs” and “wax mustache” to my bucket list with the hopes of experiencing these things at least once more in my life time before I kick that damn bucket which seems to be further out of sight daily.  If I could remember to refill and actually take my cholesterol medicine, I may never have to put ” -go poop” on my to-do list ever again. That job will be “to-done” before I finish my first cup of coffee.

So, today I’ve added the following to my B.B.T.D.L. (that’s Big Bad To-Do List): three official emails to write, copies of one child’s entire medical history to be made, pick up oldest kid’s school records and copy, and find a cyber-cafe with a working printer so that I can print off my absentee ballot and get that thing in the mail. All of these in addition to the usual grocery shop, cook, clean, break up fights, hang clothes, break up more fights, pull hairball out of bathroom  pipe, break up fights, pay whatever unexpected bill collector that shows up at the door, break up fights, make dinner, pry the remote control out of teasing 11 yr old’s hand and break up fights.

Oh. Emergency to-do list interruption, “Mom, I need to go to the dentist. I have a big, huge cavity and it hurts to breathe.” *sigh* 

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