It’s 5 million humid degrees outside and it’s 1 a.m. and my kids are “bored” and begging me to entertain them and I would LOVE to play “TAG with a Cattle Prod” and I’ll be “IT” but I don’t have a cattle prod and I already made the rule that we can’t run in the house.  And for the record, my name tag, if I were required to wear one for this SAHM-gig, would read MOMMY and not “Julie McCoy – Cruise Director” so it’s not my responsibility to entertain you people.  This is a really small apartment packed to the gills with hot and sweaty people and no air conditioning. It’s not the Love Boat.

Have I mentioned it’s hot?  I HATE the summer.  Winter is cool because, even if we don’t have heat, we can put down area rugs, pile on the blankets, wear two  pairs of socks and snuggle.  But summer? YUK. You can only BE naked. I mean, what’s after that? I don’t even plug in the water heater in the summer. And you’d think that that would provide us with cold showers all around, right? Wrong. Egypt is so damn hot that the cold water comes out of the pipes hot. Yup. Like solar powered water heater without the inconvenience of putting all those little solar panels up on top of the building.

So I’ve got the box fan blowing on me on high and hoping that my computer doesn’t overheat because you know, NO AIR-CONDITIONING. I’m going to go take my fourth shower for the day and hit the sack. But I’ll be dreaming of the Yukon, baby. And snow and polar bears drinking icy bottles of coke. And maybe I won’t wake up so sweaty tomorrow.

One thought on “NO I Don’t Know Where the Promenade Deck Is

  1. Oh my gosh!! I wish I could send some cold air your way. I totally relate to the misery of being hot. I have serious issues with heat and I don't deal well with it at all. I remember once when we lived in NC our air conditioning broke and I was 9 months pregnant. I filled the entire tub up with ice cubes and got in. I wish I could send you a giant ice cube via Fed Ex!! I love the Love Boat but like you I wouldn't make a good Julie either!! lol…Hang in there my friend!!


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