It’s hot. (Yeah, Africa hot because it’s only June. I expect it’ll be Dallas-hot by August.) So I’m not a big fan of the heat because it’s so doggone humid here and we don’t have air conditioning. I can live with just ceiling fans and open windows. Probably, it’s healthier this way. (And if it’s not, just can it! I don’t want to hear how I’m doing it wrong mainly because I can’t afford an air conditioner right now nor the additional 100 Pounds per month on the electric bill.)

Every summer I have these huge plans involving how much I’m going to get accomplished. I usually plan to complete my novel, teach my kids how to type without hunting and pecking, teach them to swim and we’ll spend every other day at the beach, and I’ll make awesome desserts that I saved from the internet and maybe I’ll go back to freelance translation of articles online to make some extra money. And every year I’m lucky enough to get my butt out of bed before noon because it’s too hot to sleep at night and too hot to do anything during the day.

However, this year is different. Today I got up at 11 o’clock. (That’s EARLY in Egypt.) I managed to wash and hang a load of laundry, shower, have a cup of coffee, and complete five more pages on Chapter 7 of my novel! YEAH! I then got up and went to pay the internet bill (only three days late) and managed to keep my service from being interrupted. YEAH! And I brought Randa with me…she NEVER wants to go anywhere anymore. And we went to the vegetable market and bought fresh green and red grapes and apples and okra (YUM) and meat and rice and most importantly, a new remote control for the satellite receiver. Our old one bit the dust when it fell on the floor during a fight about which ridiculous cartoon we were going to watch. (I’m seriously considering grounding them from watching any cartoons with the exception of Warner Brothers cartoons. At least then they’d learn about classical music and how to cross dress in order to prevent hunters with speech impediments from blowing their brains out.

I got home and made a light lunch of fava beans with cumin and peppers and cheese and tomatoes with Arabic bread. And then I attempted to “catch my husband” on Skype. No joy. Oh well. He’s  probably doing laundry or fixing his car…it IS the weekend.

It’s been an incredibly weird week for me. I finally looked at myself in the mirror and decided that blonde is NOT a good look for me.  So last night I went back to red. I feel like I’ve got my own skin on again. It’s still in the beginning days so any water on my hair drips off red and my t-shirt that I’m wearing now has red stains around the collar because it’s so EFFIN’ hot that I was sweating and my sweat dripped red onto my shirt. Oh well. And it’s still pretty bright. (LOVE the Koleston Intense Cherry Red by WELLA.) I kind of look like I’m wearing a Fasching wig . Except that after bleaching the crap out of my hair a month ago and then dying it blonde and now red….all of my natural curl is just gone. I’ve never had such limp straight hair in my life. I don’t know what to do with it. Perhaps it will curl back up again in a few weeks. I sure hope so. I love my curls.

Also, my kids have decided to get into classic rock recently. I went through my son’s favorites  playlist on YouTube and he’s got nothing but AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica and Queen saved on it with a couple of Bob Schneider songs thrown in for good measure. Also, Randa was walking around singing “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin yesterday. That was weird. This is my autistic kid who still soothes herself by listening to Barney songs. Aiman has always had a thing for anything he can play air guitar to. But Samiya prefers only Michael Jackson and Ismail, my rhythm-less wanna-be rapper, is still a sucker for anything remotely gangsta.  (I’m trying to gently push the old hip hop because I don’t want him walking around calling women bitches and hoes all the time. I think “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five can provide him with more intelligent lyrics and still give him that funky bass line that he admires so much.)

Anyway, I’m hoping to continue with some semblance of a schedule this summer that starts with me writing each morning. If I can just get a few pages or even paragraphs written daily, I may make this novel a reality instead of just a dream.

Next dream to make a reality:  Killing this blankety-blank-blank mosquitoes that have taken up residence under this desk!

4 thoughts on “Summer Schedules

  1. Glad you are back to being a red head like your white hot sister. Oh wait. I am your white hot sister. Haha


  2. I have plans on trying to do most of the things on my pinboard in pintrest before adding anything else… sewing the kiddo's pajamas we measured and cut out last summer ( so hopefully, they won't be capri pajama pants….) and trying to write the novel that is whispering up there.

    Good luck with your summer! You're off to a great start… complete with Fashing hair.


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