I am having one of those weird days where I actually have all the quiet that I need because all five of my kids are sleeping in today and I have managed to bring in the laundry and get a cup of coffee and turn on the white noise fan (which is kind of cold on my back right now, come to think of it) and I don’t have stacks and stacks of dishes from late night refrigerator raids by teenagers and I sat down at the computer and managed to NOT
open Facebook or that evil, evil Pinterest (I’m sorry, Pinterest. I love you!) and I managed to pound out the rest of chapter 6 of my (seemingly perpetual attempt at writing a) novel and I made the mental connection that the HORRIBLE and ROTTEN person who is SPAMMING on Pinterest is ALSO stealing photographs from the Nouveau Raw website and the photographs are copyrighted and belong to Amie Sue Oldfather (who you can find HERE on Facebook) and YES! I certainly am tattle-telling about it right here and right now because I don’t dig copyright infringement and while I do post photos that don’t belong to me on this blog site from time to time, they are always from free sites that encourage sharing such as the above photograph that I got from Photobucket  or else I use my own photographs because YEAH, I own a digital camera and I figured out how to upload photos so there!  (hold on….need to catch my breath.)

So anyway, I was pinning yesterday and found this really cool-looking photo with the promise of a recipe for “raw peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes” and of course I had to comment by tagging it with my friend’s name, because Bonnie and I love to torture one another with really delicious dessert pins.  Only when I tried to follow the links back to where the recipe is I was hoodwinked!  It was a fake “scavenger hunt” pin that leads you to believe that Pinterest itself is giving away these huge prizes to 5 pinners daily that range anywhere from $50 to $1000 give-aways from companies such as Amazon.com, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, and Apple, etc.

Now I have NO IDEA whether or not these companies are actually sponsoring these giveaways or not….but if I were a betting person (and I’m not because I believe gambling is wrong), I’d put my money on NOT….because when you attempt to “collect your prize” you are then linked to these applications that you need to fill out in order to collect. And there’s a whole lot of “required information” such as your home address, telephone numbers, email address, birth date, etc and an agreement to share this information with some giant list of companies such as Fingerhut and cheap airline ticketing agents, etc and basically, you’re just providing your own information for telemarketers and spambots.  At any rate there never was a recipe listed or a link back to the Nouveau Raw website, which I’m pretty sure is where the fake pinner got the photo from.  I just happened to notice the copyright tag in the bottom right corner of the photograph and I am already a newsletter recipient from Amie Sue Oldfather because I went through a vegetarian stage last year (that only lasted 45 days but still….don’t judge me!) and I still use some of the recipes from that site.

Wow. Did I ever go off on a tangent. Let me get back on the rails…if I can remember where they were. Yeah, I got nothing…..

So the next topic I wanted to discuss in my ADD-forum of thinking, was hair.  Yeah, I’m usually a big time ponytail-but-only-comb-it-while-it’s-wet kinda girl….but I got this wise idea that when my husband left to work overseas again that I should hack it all off and attempt to go platinum blonde….only at my age, twenty-twenty-three, it just REALLY  looks stupid…….(or ‘fucktacular’ as my friend, Buffy, described it) and so I decided to darken it up a bit to an ash blonde….which is okay but still kinda looks weird on me. Maybe I’m still not used to seeing anything other than a deep red on me. I’ve been dying my hair red for more than 20 years and it does look much better.  If it were just a matter of color (and apparently texture because after bleaching the crap out of my hair four times and then dying it to a darker blonde version my hair is the same texture as those rectangular hard bristle brush brooms that they sweep public streets with) I could deal with it.  But NOOOOOOO!  I also had to have it cut. And since my trusted hair dresser (20 miles away from here) quit doing hair because she had a baby three years ago and is now a SAHM, I had to trust a stranger to cut my hair. OH! The humanity. I look ridiculous. You know that “in-between-stage” that you have to go through a few weeks after you get your hair cut?  Well, this woman managed to cut my hair into an “in-between-stage” cut…….so I got to skip the whole “ohmigosh how cute” cut in the beginning. I hate her.  I’m grateful that my husband isn’t here to criticize it. (Although he did see if over Skype and laughed while he was saying how it looks good.  Nope. They still don’t offer that Skype-app of chisel-punch to the kidneys. I looked for it.)

So, I am waiting patiently for my hair follicles to rest and repair with lots of conditioning treatments until next month when I go back to red. While I wait, I’m going to try to catch up on my mending that’s about to break the sewing table it’s stacked so high and then perhaps I’ll try out at least 10 of those hundreds of DIY crafts and sewing projects and recipes I’ve madly pinned to my Pinterest boards. (Oh, Pinterest you ARE the devil.)

I think I need to have more coffee….my feet are beginning to touch the floor again.

5 thoughts on “Today is Pretty Quiet for Anxiety Thursday

  1. Oh my, Nikki, I feel your pain. Two years ago I chopped off almost all of my hair on a whim and then cried for a week. Incidentally, I also dye mine red,or a variation or red though right now it is all highlighted and stuff. Stuped hair. Stupid anxiety. Deep breaths my dear. And kudos on the writing!!!


  2. I can't decide which of us needs ADD medicine more. -Your sister who loves you like crazy cakes and totally gets your stream of consciousness because oh yeah I think like that too. And this one time at band camp…SQUIRREL!


  3. No, Heather. Because the way the Pinterest thing works is that it will link back to the original owner of the pinned item. But what this person is doing is just saving the image as though it's her own and then uploading it to her boards with a Scavenger##.blogspot.com address as a link (read the ## as a two digit number…it varies as does the name of the pinner.) Then that site is this fake Scavenger hunt you win thing with a Pinterest logo on it.


  4. Oh the pinterest etiquette thing is important and I wonder how to enforce it. I learned this on a blog I follow that talks about blog etiquette etc. Well I'm sorry about this. I also feel your pain with the hair!! I went to a hairdresser a few months back for a “trim” and she chopped off a ton of inchees! made me cry. I'm finally brave enough to go back this wednesday and hoping with a different person I might get what I want!


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