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I love my kids. I would do anything for them…and have. No reason to go through all of the sacrifices that I, like millions of other moms across the planet, have made for them. I’m not any better or worse than the rest of them.  Or am I?
Yes, I spend an exorbitant amount of time on the computer. I know this. And I try to rationalize that it’s because my husband is working overseas and I try to catch up on email and Facebook and my writing this blog or on my novel while keeping Skype open in case he is trying to call…..(Yes, I had to minimize my browser just now to open Skype. Point of fact, I try to keep my blog posts as close to truth as I possibly can.) But the truth is this:

I have no adult friends to talk to in this country. None that I honestly like to spend time with anymore. So all of my friends are at my disposal via Facebook or email. They are MOSTLY people that I actually know in real life and probably 100-150 of them are related to me by blood. I have friends from childhood, high school in Germany, high school in Maryland, former workmates, former partymates, former cellmates acquaintances from all over the world.  There are also about 30  additional friends that I know only from association through military BRAT pages. However, most of the 440+ people on my friends list are people that I actually know. So, yeah….I’m on the computer for about 10-15 minute increments MANY times over the course of any average day.

And these little obnoxious creatures that I gave birth to are criticizing me for “cutting in line,” “taking too long,” or “stealing my turn” in the 30-minute turn rotation list that is SUPPOSED to keep me from murdering my own offspring.  So tonight during dinner, they were watching the lamest film that Brendan Fraser ever did on television (“Furry Vengeance”) and I felt my IQ points dropping. So I finished and sat at the PC to start catching up on some overdue reading. My son, who hadn’t even finished eating yet, marched over to me and demanded that I get off the computer because he had been “waiting all day” for his turn to come around again and I always sat here for HOURS and HOURS at a time.  I reminded him that I just shelled out another 15 Pounds yesterday to replace the fan in the power supply unit without asking anyone to contribute and that I was entitled as QUEEN of the household to sit at the computer without interruption. He continued as to how it is so unfair of me to bump him out of line just so I could “look at FACEBOOK.”

I know it’s wrong….but sometimes I just wanna tell him to STFU.  But then he’d use the expression freely with his siblings and I would be the one who taught it to him. So I don’t tell him. Let him learn his use of the f-bombs in the street like other teenagers. 

One thought on “I KNOW That It’s Wrong, But…

  1. Kids just don't understand. Living so far away means little to them if they have siblings to harass.
    -Love, Heather


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