I made a mistake. I went back to Pinterest to look for a quick and easy recipe to make for tomorrow for lunch. Holy BEACH TOWELS, Batman! I’m drooling and now I need to change my shirt. I’ve run across recipes for spinach, onion, feta and hazelnuts salad, eggplant and chicken parmigiana, roasted tofu and pear salad, and baked egg cups (that I’d have to make with garlic cured beef instead of ham because we don’t do pork.) I’m starving now….Hello, Pavlov? I’m your dog. Wanna quit with the damn bells already?

Now ordinarily this would not be a big deal…but my son was looking to make some extra cash before I sat down to the computer so I told him to clean the kitchen for 5 E.P. (Egyptian Pounds.) So, he has the counter rolled out into the hall blocking the doorway to the kitchen and there’s really not much in the fridge anyway that would remotely come near the ingredients I need for ANY of those awesome recipes. (Except for the apple pies baked into the apples but let’s not go insane here! It is after 11pm.)

I’m just going to eat the leftover rice and yellow lentils from dinner and maybe any salad the kids didn’t snarf down. But I’m SO going to the open air market tomorrow and we are going to be back in the gourmet game, BAY-BEE! I’m back.  I’m hungry.  And it’s on.

7 thoughts on “Salivating on the Monitor

  1. Pinterest makes me want to cook. And craft. It brings out the gourmet AND the hot-glue-gun Queen in me. Haha -Monika


  2. Pintrest is awesome to the anthem. On pintrest I am a gourmet, an interior decorator, a makeup artist, and a world traveler.
    I am hoping to gather some gf recipes and make them soon.


  3. Sometimes I think I'll just jump on for a quick second… there's no such thing as jumping onto pinterest for a “quick second.” It's internet crack. One hit and you're addicted. I'm planning a pinterest party after my patio is finished (which should provide plenty of blogging material). Everyone will make a recipe they found on pinterest and we shall make hanging baskets out of recycled bottles and paper clips or some such thing.


  4. I'm assuming you have a non-Pinterest account holder as a lifeguard/designated driver sort of person to pull you pin-drunk crafters away from the monitor you'll have on the patio for reference if you're there longer than 24 hours, right? Can't wait to read the blog about this party!


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