I’m looking for a new job. Something less stressful than being a Stay-at-home-Mom (SAHM.)  See, being a SAHM requires me to work between 18 and 23 hours a day, eat cold meals, and drink so much coffee that I am not only jittery but usually constipated for days at a time, unless I accidentally take my cholesterol medicine twice in the same day and then….LAWD!  Don’t block the path to the bathroom.

I want a new job with benefits.  Health insurance, you ask?  Pish-posh.  I want  the benefits like the right to a daily shower with hot water, whether I need one or not.  I want to be able to sleep a full 6 hours at night without being awakened 20 minutes before the alarm clock goes off to be asked, “What time is it?”  I want to be able to have a “lunch break” where I can actually get more than one forkful of food into my mouth before someone else asks me to serve them seconds.  I want it all.

I’m thinking that a career in firefighting might be a good choice for me.  I got tons of training in how to get people someplace safely in record speeds by being told 12 minutes before soccer practice starts that I was unknowingly volunteered to drive the carpool.  I’m also pretty good with bandaids and antiseptic, so maybe I could train to be an EMT.  I break up fist fights between teenage boys at least three times a day.  Perhaps an official on a nuclear disarmament team?  Peace talks?  Referee for a football club in Liverpool?  Or maybe rodeo clown…but clowns creep me out.

Leave a suggestion in the comments section.
Oh, and check out my friend, Nuala Reilly’s webpage for great reading material at this LINK.  She’s awesome.

2 thoughts on “Possible New Careers for Me

  1. You know what… my best job was a chicken slaughter for a local farm. I could let out my aggression, Shower And bring home dinner. (granted we did get tired of chicken) but turkey season was awesome. lol


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