As per my mother’s request, here is a post from a few years back:

I’ve been asking my husband for about 2 years to buy me a Taser…but he won’t. He just shakes his head and laughs everytime I try to explain my latest reasons for having one. He says I’m too “reactionary” and “hot-headed” to own one. Humph! Says HIM.

I promised him that I wouldn’t shock the big-butted woman in front of me on the bread lines at the bakery and that I wouldn’t shock the kids’ new principal at the school EVEN if she “has it coming to her.” I promised that I would NEVER use it on his siblings or his children and that I’d wait until AFTER his brother’s wife has her baby before I used on HER irritating ass. He actually considered this for a brief moment and then shook his head and said that even if he wanted to buy me one they don’t sell them in Egypt. I, being the ever problem-solving genius that I am, suggested that he just pick one up for me in Greece or in the US next time he goes on a business trip. He thought that he could out-maneuver me with the ole’ “it won’t get past customs” trick. But I was one step ahead of him as usual, and I retaliated with the ole’ “but they come in leopard print carrying case AND have headphones with 1GB MP3 players now!” Surely he couldn’t step past THIS intellectual landmine. But DAMMITMAN! He’s been watching me and listening to me sidestep HIS issues with such grace and finesse for so many years that now the grasshopper has become the master….and he blew me away with this: “You are so accident prone that you’d probably plug the headphones into the wrong part and zap your own ears off! And even if that didn’t happen, I’d have to leave a power-of-attorney with my lawyer every time I left the country so that someone would be able to bail you out of jail the two or three times a day that you get upset or impatient with someone and try to fry them.”
I stopped and thought about it and sulked. I knew he was right. If you think he’s wrong, I’ll have to ask you to go through my blog archives to see my ramblings on why it is a good thing I don’t choose who lives and dies on this planet as I’d be awfully lonely.

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