Waking up to the smell of breakfast used to be a pleasant surprise that would have me stretching and getting out of bed with a big fat smile on my face.  I would put on my robe and slippers and go to the kitchen with that same dopey smile and have coffee and breakfast and …………..and what?  Then I’d go back to my room and get dressed before kissing my parents and heading out the door to high school!

I’m the mom here.  Who the hell is in my kitchen?  My husband makes coffee…for himself.  Unless I’m already up and then he’ll make me a cup.  But breakfast?  Hell-to the- No.  Seemingly that is MY job and mine alone.  I have to tell someone “There’s a cure for that,” when they complain about being hungry.  (I mean NOW that they are all ambulatory and in their teens, of course.)

So when I smelled frying breakfast meats this morning, I got half of my dopey grin on….and then panicked!  I ran out the bedroom door and into the kitchen and found RANDA blocking the kitchen door.  She burped in my face.  “Randa, did you make breakfast for yourself?” I asked.  The rest of the exchange went something like this:

Randa:                 Uh, yeah!
Me:                      Randa, do we have anymore bastarma (Egyptian garlic-cured beef)?
Randa:                 Nope.  It’s gone.
Me:                      Randa, you ate a half pound of bastarma by yourself?
Randa:                 (flutters eyes around…in some autistic kids, refusing eye-contact means
                            “I can’t hear you” when clearly, they can AND DO understand they’re
                            in trouble.)
Me:                      Did you eat?  Do you feel better now?
Randa:                  Uh, yeah.  All better.  Sleepy.  Go to bed now. (She doesn’t refer to herself
                             in the first person much.)
Me:                       (looking past her toward the sink) LOOK AT THIS BIG FAT MESS!!
Randa:                   Oops.
Me:                       Randa, did you make cookies? Oh.My.God. There’s batter in every mixing
                             bowl.  Did you use all the bakers chocolate?  Did you bake?
Randa:                  (mimicking me and laughing?) …bakers chocolate?  Did you bake?
Me:                       That’s not funny.
Randa:                   That’s not funny.
Me:                       You wanna wash the dishes?
Randa:                  You wanna wash the dishes?
Me:                       You are so grounded. Look at this big fat mess!
Randa:                  Yeah, it’s big fat mess. Mommy clean up.  Sweet dreams.

And so it begins.  Pre-coffee.                        

One thought on “SURPRISE…I Cooked.

  1. I feel it. I hate walking, or more like the pre-coffee death shuffle, to walk into ta da! Surprise for me. Nothing kills my morale more than early morning KP. Ugh. And why do our children do this? I can't wait for the day I am some old geezer to leave the coffee mugs around, dishes on the table, and so forth. Of course that will be when I visit their houses, leave the toilet lid up so the cat can fall in, use 45738 towels. I want to get old. NOW.


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