For the last six months we’ve enjoyed being one of only three occupied apartments on this 6-apartment floor. The best part is that we had no one living on our side of the hall but us. Until about 4 days ago. And of course the new tenants want to renovate before they actually move in. But in typical Egyptian fashion, they are FRIGGING NIGHT OWLS and I have kids in school who have to get up at 0530 hours every morning and there’s not a lot of sleep going on at night around here thanks to these ass-clowns banging on the walls to all hours of the night.  So I may welcome them to our floor by stomping them with my husband’s new steel toe boots. WELCOME (stomp) TO (stomp) THE (stomp) NEIGHBORHOOD!

I’ll move on to some Good News now.

It’s getting colder here in Alexandria. And humid.  And I’m wondering if I’m part labrador or something….my nose is kind of damp and cold lately. Weird.

Anyway, I’ve been attempting to write a novel…no, SEVERAL novels for the last ten years and I always start out with a bang but then my computer crashes and I’ve not backed anything up or I lose the notebook I was scrawling in or I develop writer’s block or I’m just interrupted by that annoying thing I sometimes call “my life.”

So I’ve completed pretty much about 14 chapters of several stories that add up to bird cage lining.

Until this week.

I’ve FINALLY got a fantastic idea and it’s a subject matter that I know quite well.  My teachers always told me to write what I know. So I finally am doing just that.  I may slow up a bit on blogging for a while, but I’m still writing. Just in a different place. I will try to get something on here every 5 days or so just because I really like others patting me on the back more than doing it myself. Less cramping that way.

May all my Christian friends have a wonderful Christmas.  May my Jewish friends have a Happy Chanukah.  May my African friends have a Blessed Kwanzaa. May the peace, love and force be with you.

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