So a while back I was experiencing chest pains so strong that I couldn’t breathe. I blogged about it a few times here.  Then I spent hundreds (thankfully, not thousands) of pounds paying for tests and cardiograms and ekgs and yada, yada, yada. At the end of the month of two hour bus rides across the city to the International Cardiac Center, my heart had been declared 100% healthy and I was prescribed fat-blockers for my high cholesterol. Really? So why is my chest still hurting like a MOFO?!

I talked it over with my phlebotomist and she said that I should do the bloodwork to eliminate thyroid issues that my cousin, Heather, suggested may be causing it. I’m probably going to do that today. My good friend, Becca, thinks it’s just gas. (She knows my family FAR too well to be able to make such a diagnosis.) I wondered if it was a digestion issue and opted to try a vegetarian diet for about 6 weeks. I’d have been able to last longer if it weren’t for the autistic kid who has to have only crunchy  food and the 10 year old who hates everything and then the husband and 3 kids who eat whatever I cook but really like meat and chicken and fish…..and that’s like 4 different dinners to cook for each meal. So, I just gave up and went back to forcing all 7 of  us to eat the same thing. Yeah, I’m “lazy” like that. (And so over it.)

So now that I’m cholesterol meds, I’m regular……..WAYYYYYY regular. (Please don’t block the door to the bathroom when you see me running for it. It could prove messy for both of us.) The chest pains eased up for a while. And today came back with a vengeance. My husband and 13 yr old have been doing a weight-lifting program the last few weeks. And my husband’s trainer mentioned that they should eat a lot more protein, including a lot of legumes. So we had lentils two nights ago. And yesterday I made Greek chicken in the oven with rice and a large pot of white beans and marinated cucumber and onion salad. While I only had one bowl of beans (for the sake of my family), my husband and sons tore up the pot. All.THREE. pounds. of. beans. Maybe they fart vicariously through me?!  Or it could be that I’m stressed out from the constant fighting between the teens. I’m going to find the Egyptian equivalent of Xanax and try that. And see if that helps at all. But ultimately I think that Becca is right. It’s gas.

One thought on “Becca’s Right…I Have Stress-Induced Gas

  1. LOL, too funny. Though not the chest pains part, that's kind of scary. My kids are thankfully not too picky eaters and equally thankfully we do not have a lot of allergies to get around so I make them all eat what I cook too. Which means, at least mama's almost always eating something she likes, which is really, the only way to keep the family happy.


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